Congratulations everyone. We have made it to day 9 and our grand final celebration.

Last Saturday, our finals day at The Ridge, we received a COVID visit from NSW Police during the 12:00 time slot following a complaint. We were requested to make additional announcements that the NSW police were in attendance to ensure adherence to public health orders.

As part of our grand final celebration we must all continue to follow OUR COVID SAFETY PLAN. We all understand that this is far from a normal season but this is not a normal year. We are limited to 500 persons in each of our outdoor playing zones.

That equates to a maximum of 15 people per team, per court, including players, coaches, managers, umpires and spectators.

Thank you to all our members and their families for their understanding and compliance with our return to play plan. We look forward to your continued support and co-operation on our Finals day at Bellingara.

Karen Salter and SSNA Executive


SN Comp

For information on 2020 Summer Night Comp Click here


For Day 8 & 9 Competition Rules please Click here


Council has advised that we are not permitted to park on Miranda Park and fines will be issued for those who park there.

SSC are currently exploring the installation of a gate to the entry to ensure the community are aware of the parking restrictions on this reserve and are exploring options with the RMS regarding additional parking in the vicinity.

Council have requested State Revenue cancel the fines that were issued last Saturday. They will in due course write to and notify the registered vehicle owners that they have been withdrawn and instead ‘cautions’ will be issued.

Clubs please advise your members that parking on Miranda Park is NOT PERMITTED and fines will be issued.

No Parking

2021 Junior Representative Team Nominations

Due to the short COVID season we are giving one final reminder to all clubs for any late 12 years – 15 years SSNA Representative Team nominations for 2021.

The absolute final date for receipt of nominations is Monday 14th September at 5pm. No nominations will be accepted from any club or player after this date.

Nominations are now open for 2021 Junior Representative Teams. Nominations are to be submitted through your club. 

Selection Information Click here Selection Dates Click here

Nomination Form Click here


Reminder that no dogs, scooters and skateboards are allowed on the grounds on play days.

New laws prohibit smoking on public sports grounds whilst a sporting event is being held. Smoking will not be permitted within 10 metres of netball courts.

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