Sutherland Stingrays Premier League Coaches 2021

Lynch McCulloch
We are delighted & super excited to announce our Sutherland Stingrays Open's Head Coach Maria Lynch and Under 23’s Head Coach Abbey McCulloch who have been appointed for the 2021 Premier League Season. 
Maria as Opens Head Coach brings a wealth of knowledge to the Stingrays programme. She is an experienced and passionate netball coach, with a successful track record across a range of netball programs including District, State and National teams.
Abbey takes on the role of under 23’s Head Coach from Craig Marsh who we thank & wish him the very best as he leaves Stingrays to pursue his professional career after 3 important program development seasons.
Abbey is a Sutherland girl through & through a local resident, a Sutherland Junior & is very proud to be entrusted with under 23’s coach.
We wish both Maria & Abbey the very best for the 2021 Premier League Season.



From a survey to members, the Twilight/Summer Competition Committee followed responses and Wednesday night was that requested by respondents.  This year we have a large number of teams entered, which when taking into account the current PHO, keeps this competition operating in the two playing zones as per our Winter Competition.

The successful team registration numbers for 2020 Summer Competition has provided many challenges, not just for the Committee, SSNA Executive, but also for you, our member Club Executives.  One challenge face by SSNA is with the number of senior registrations, moved from a two night to one night only competition, SSNA have hired additional lighting to cover more courts to allow play.  The ongoing challenges face by Covid-19, we must continue to:

Follow all appropriate, current PHO’s;

Operate across two distinct play zones with a maximum of 500 persons each zone;

As above, 15 persons, per team, per court, including coach, manager, umpire;

Maintain social distancing, 1.5m apart etc;

Distinct and separate entrance/exit gates;

Arrive at the courts 10 minutes before and leave the courts 10 minutes after your game;

Warm up at home or on the adjacent oval of not being used by other sports.

On Wednesday night the SSNA Executive and Committee members on duty received a number of unnecessary and inappropriate comments, mainly from unhappy spectators, who did not feel they were required to follow the Public Health Orders.

These rules are not of our making.  This is not what any of us want.  This is all about Covid-19.

If we wish to continue playing, we MUST FOLLOW the Public Health Orders and the management plans provided to NSW Health, NNSW and Sutherland Shire Council.   

We made it through the Winter Competition. 

We all need to follow the current Covid-19 rules and successfully complete the Summer Competition.




2021 Junior Representative Team Nominations

Selection Dates Click here


Reminder that no dogs, scooters and skateboards are allowed on the grounds on play days.

New laws prohibit smoking on public sports grounds whilst a sporting event is being held. Smoking will not be permitted within 10 metres of netball courts.

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